Artificial Frustration: The Top Hurdles in AI Project Management

AI and ML project management

Artificial Frustration: The Top Hurdles in AI/ML Project Management The AI Project Tightrope AI and machine learning project management is a relatively new field, and it comes with its unique set of challenges that can be daunting for new managers. Whether you are in the retail, manufacturing, finance, or healthcare industry, there are several hurdles […]

Data Tagging – Text Annotation as Service

Text Annotation as Service Data Tagging for Media Aiixa empowers you to take charge of data tagging accuracy and develop a dependable stream of top-notch training data that elevates the performance of your NLP algorithms. Our platform offers comprehensive support for a broad range of annotation tasks, including named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, speech recognition, […]

Data Labeling – Media Annotation as Service

Media Annotation as Service Media Data Labeling Empower your machine learning models with pixel-perfect data annotation. Our platform supports a range of annotation tools, including bounding boxes, object detection and recognition, and instance segmentation. Label images and videos with ease and accuracy, and take control of your training date for superior results. Pixel-wise Boundaries Benefits […]