AI Personal Stylist

AI Personal Stylist

Stylera provides your customers with a selection of interactive visual outfits to engage and inspire.

Upselling products has never been more straightforward, thanks to our AI personal stylist integration. The integration uses AI to generate brand-specific fashion looks while showcasing several items tailored to your customer’s preferences. We help retailers revamp their sites into industry-leading shopper experiences that outperform the competition.


With Stylera, e-commerce retailers can revamp their sites into industry-leading shopper experiences that outperform the competition to increase sales and cart size.
Adaptive and effective for multiple sales channels.


Our AI personal stylist generates brand-specific fashion outfits while showcasing several items tailored to your customer's preferences. Provide your customers with a personalized looked-based shopping experience while staying true to your brand.


Our personal stylist platform creates shop-the-look product recommendations, hyper-targeted fashion personalization, plus alternative products based on cut, color, shape, and more while providing analytics and reporting on inventory performance.

Looking to boost sales & increase conversion rates with an AI personal stylist?

With Stylera, you can provide your customers with a unique interactive experience that will motivate them to buy more of your products. Our AI-generated fashion styles will showcase several items tailored to their preferences, making it easy for them to find the perfect outfit for any occasion. In addition to promoting your content to a broader audience, we aim to make it easy for everyone to find their perfect look.

For cross-selling into various categories, Stylera is the perfect tool. Our AI personal stylist creates visual outfits showing shoppers how to wear and style different products for multiple occasions – leisure, work, or an evening out.

E-Commerce Solutions Using AI Personal Stylist

product recommendations using ai

Complete the Look

Provide shoppers with on-brand outfit recommendations based on occasions, body types, buyer profiles, purchase history, and style preferences. Our automated outfit retrieval system aims to increase sales by tempting and upselling.

ai stylist model visualization

Model Visualization

Outfit recommendations are shown on real models so customers can visualize the complete look with our virtual try-on feature. Our platform allows shoppers to swap items to create personalized outfit bundles.

what to wear ai stylist

Ways to Wear It

Showcase looks by occasion. Stylera provides AI-assisted personal styling for leisure, work, or evening wear. We provide personalized product recommendations for your customers, showing them how to wear and style an outfit. Drive upsell and cross-sell through the right outfits for each customer - for every product.

collection product styling ai

Product Spotlights

Easily create eye-catching landing pages in minutes. Launch category-specific pages showcasing outfits for different occasions: think weddings, beach, festival wear, cold weather, and influencer styles.

merchandizing using ai stylist for products


Put together outfits that complement your editorial photography. Increase your merchandising team's productivity with the most advanced AI merchandising platform, which allows you to automate outfit creation and editing for all consumer profiles, body types, and occasions.

visually similar ai product stylist

Visually Similar

Help customers find truly visually similar items. Offer alternative products based on cut, color, shape, and more.

Frequently asked questions

Aiixa is a digital solution provider company with mission to maximize efficiency, creating customer delight while reducing cost to serve.

Utilizing your existing product catalog, we automatically add an occasion, style, persona, and image attributes to deliver on-brand looks in multiple formats. Our AI identifies what looks good together by analyzing catwalk photography and social media. By understanding the latest fashion trends, the customer’s style, and preferences, we produce instant recommendations to complete their dream looks. 

If an item sells out, our AI will find and replace out-of-stock items with similar in-stock items using product tagging and attribute data.

Our optimized personal styling technology presents the right content for each shopper at the right time. Our approach involves understanding the page, viewport, device, location, context, and previous behavior. Our privacy-compliant personalization displays totally personalized outfits to shoppers based on their session, purchase history, and more.