Automated Data Annotation for Fashion Industry

TaggerX is a leading AI-driven product tagging integration. 

By automating and standardizing product tagging, TaggerX unleashes search potential and drives conversion to increase revenue and optimize merchandising. We help businesses automate and standardize their product data, making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for faster. Our AI-assisted product tagging system utilizes visual analysis to dissect images to minute details, identify relevant areas, and appropriately assign product tags.  


E-commerce product tagging must be consistent, up-to-date, and accurate to enable relevant product search and discovery. Having standardized product data is crucial for SEO content. With TaggerX, retailers can optimize merchandising and product visibility.


TaggerX's AI product tagging integration will automatically tag your products with unique, accurate, and consistent attributes-saving time and money. Customize your strategy and track the direct impact of your conversion rates and sales.


The management of catalogs and inventory is more efficient when product data is comprehensive and precise. TaggerX's integration will enable you to structure your products into a hierarchy, create relevant product groups, and empower your brand to gain insights into trending products and shopper preferences.

Automated Product Tagging with AI

TaggerX’s innovative approach uses computer vision algorithms to create SEO product tags. Consistent tagging enhances product discoverability and improves text search results. Businesses can optimize merchandising and assortment planning with TaggerX by analyzing what shoppers are buying and what searches are trending. Such an approach is crucial for marketplaces selling multiple brands.

Having standardized product data is essential for a better customer experience. With TaggerX’s AI tagging, you can easily keep track of all your products without the hassle. Imagine how much easier your job would be if you only had to focus on sales and marketing.

E-Commerce Solutions Using AI Product Tagging


Boost Search Results

If shoppers don't use the same terminology as you do to describe items, you may not be able to connect them with the exact products they're looking to purchase. Since each product has so many additional attributes and synonyms, TaggerX's AI-powered product tagging keeps them on track even when they enter synonyms or thematic queries. Search-generated revenue can be increased significantly by providing your shoppers with the most relevant results.

SEO Tagging

Comprehensive tagging improves your ranking on external search engines. In addition to boosting your SEO, choosing the right keywords and creating a rich database will help you and your products be found off-site. With TaggerX's AI-driven product tagging, provide your customers with faster-expanded search results to reduce bounce rates, improve site discoverability, and enable your customers to make purchase decisions faster.

Efficient Tagging

With pre-trained models, products are tagged upon upload with recognizable values or using custom models to create asset-specific tags. It can be time-consuming and error-prone to complete metadata values. To reduce manual work and make products instantly searchable, let TaggerX AI take the first pass. Based on visual similarity, TaggerX's AI product tagging can retrieve related or similar content more quickly.

Classification System

Create a custom classification system specific to your business using TaggerX. We apply keywords uniquely tailored to your business needs based on your data and our easy-to-use AI tools.


Maximize Conversion

TaggerX AI-assisted product tagging enables retailers to create more accurate recommendations because they will have a deeper understanding of the details that draw shoppers to particular items. With the additional data provided by TaggerX, you can suggest similar and relevant products to maximize conversion. The result will increase basket size, drive sales, and maintain engagement when items are out of stock.

Demand Forecasting

Using demand forecasting, brands, and retailers can make data-driven decisions. By analyzing historical data, market trends, and search patterns, brands can identify shopper behavior and preferences. TaggerX allows retailers to strategize supplies and prices to maximize revenue and maintain inventory.

TaggerX Text Annotation Example 1


29 / month


  • 500 Products/Month
  • Automate Tags & Features
  • Manage Tags & Annotations
  • Initial Set up – Support
  • Email Support – Yes
  • Trained by Marketers


79 / month


  • 2000 Products/Month
  • Automate Tags & Features
  • Manage Tags & Annotations
  • Text and Visual AI Powered
  • Email Support Yes
  • Trained by Marketers


199 / month


  • 5000 Products/Month
  • Automate Tags & Features
  • Manage Tags & Annotations
  • Text and Visual AI Powered
  • Phone Support – Yes
  • Trained by Marketers



  • Custom Data Annotation Tags
  • NPL and Text Based Labeling for Features & Functions
  • Visual Data-Based Labeling of Features and Functions
  • Trained by Human Specialist in your Domain.
  • Machine Learning Model Set up & Training
  • Training Data Evaluation and Validation


Aiixa is a digital solution provider company with mission to maximize efficiency, creating customer delight while reducing cost to serve.

Product tagging is the process of categorizing and organizing your products according to characteristics like color, size, style, material, and brand.

A flawless eCommerce customer experience depends on consistent, relevant, and accurate product tagging. You can increase the visibility of your products and website on external search engines by using the appropriate SEO descriptive tags. In addition, these tags make it easy for shoppers to find what they’re looking for on your website.

TaggerX uses deep learning and computer vision algorithms to automatically tag products with unique, accurate, and consistent attributes. With AI for visual analysis, dissect images to minute details, identify relevant areas, and appropriately assign text labels. The visual AI-based product tagging method is used in several industries, such as fashion, jewelry, and home decor because it analyzes millions of product images and describes each. The tags in your catalog will be accurate, elaborate, and up-to-date if implemented correctly.